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Rehabilitation Services

Excellent specialists in rehabilitation case management.

Rehabilitation Providers

Workplace OH&S Solutions Consultants identify and address critical physical, psychological, social, environmental and organisational risk factors which may have an impact on a workers ability to successfully return to work. We provide expertise for a successful outcome for all parties.

Return to work same employer

Workplace OH&S Solutions Consultants assesses the injured workers current work capacity and the demands of the environment, work duties and work demands. They are expert in identifying and designing strategies to address any barriers or risk that may impact workers recovery. We identify suitable work duties, all the time consulting and negioting with the worker, employer, insurer treating doctor and union, if required, ensuring the worker achieves a durable return to suitable employment.

Return to work different employer

The Workplace OH&S Solutions team assesses the workers capacity, interests, transferable skills, education and experience and identifies suitable employment options, they arrange additional training if required to help the worker develop the necessary job skills for the new job.