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Health Promotion

For years now Workplace OH&S Solutions has conducted health promotional activities at Sales Conference. If you require an interactive event, that will benefit you and your employees, then consider health promotional testing.

We know you never have enough time to slot us into your busy schedule!, so all we need is a table and the employees can come to us during their breaks (yes, it can be very busy!, but a lot of fun).

Testing includes: Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar tests, Bioage™ assessment (more time needed), flexibility testing, core testing, nutritional advice.

We come to you at your premises or event.

Alternative, are you looking for a relaxing, beautiful location for your next business meeting or event, then Tumbling Waters Health Retreat might be just what you are after. Our Allied Health Professional can conduct the above tests, nutritional advice, plus you might want to consider some Yoga or Massages as well. Contact us for additional information.