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Initial Rehabilitation Assessment

The assessment sets the framework for the injured workers rehabilitation. The WorkOHS Consultant outlines the injury details, assesses pre-injury duties and suitable duties, liaises with the Nominated Treating Doctor, Employer, Insurer and proposed the return to work goal.

Functional Assessment

The assessment analyses the workers current functional ability compared to the workers pre-injury functional capacity. This is an excellent assessment to be used with potential upgrades at case conferences.

Workplace Assessment

Our Consultant assesses the suitability of work duties to gain an indepth understanding of the requirements of the workers pre-injury duties. It takes into account the physical, psychosocial, cognitive and communication demands of the job.

Vocational Assessment

The worker is assessed to identify vocational options and recommend strategies to achieve the vocational options. Realistic vocational options are identified by analysing the worker’s work profile and matching the work profile with a suitable work environment.

Ergonomic Assessment

The WorkOHS Consultant ensures that the the worker’s workstation is ergonomically appopriate to minimise the risk of injury and maximise productivity. The assessment takes into account the chair, workstation, environment factyors and the physical demands of the job.

Earning Capacity Assessment

WorkOHS Consultants conduct this assessment when a full review of a worker’s earning capacity is required. Assessment takes into account the current capacity for work, suitable work options and labour market earnings and/or activity for the suitable work options identified.

ADL Assessment

The WorkOHS Consultant will analyse the injured person’s functional performance in the areas of personal care and general activities in and around the home. This assessment determines the level and type of assistance the person requires in order to live as independently as possible. The Consultant may also recommend equipment and home modifications.

Job Seeking Assessment

Our Job Seeking / Employment Specialist can assist in establishing and achieving employment alternatives for all job seekers in line with their injury, outcomes of the vocational assessment and physical ability. The Consultant will work with the injured worker and provide support, encouragement and assist with job seeking activities to achieve the tailored goal in re-entering the workforce.